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Numerous existence before the major resource of energy has been fossil fuels, after the invention of the biomass briquette plant the fossil fuels are replaced. The Briquetting plant is prepared from the exhausted biomass material and can turn this ravage into useful bio fuel which is known as renewable source of energy.

To diminish the probable revelation into a serviceable product, the briquette making machines were deliberate and are being used in the vicinity and exported to different countries. While keeping the environment in mind, we at Jay Khodiyar with an ISO 9001:2008 certified companies are dedicated to the cause of eco-friendly fuel. Subsequent to a detailed study of the offered options for rare substance, agricultural waste was zeroed for industrialized recycled bio fuel briquettes and equipment to assemble the same was developed.

Our company has excited manufacturing centre at its industrialized location in Rajkot. It has built additional on this understanding, and has leveraged its R&D strengths to develop a host of new products and features. We are one of the well-known troupes in Economic Briquetting plant, apart from manufacturing briquetting machine we are also part of Renewable Energy Projects, viz. Biomass Based Power Plants, Briquette and huge network for Procuring Biomass across India.

What is Briquette?

Briquettes are essentially a portion of explosive material that is frequently used in igniting and maintaining a fire, either in a boiler, grill or in an unwrap gap such as fire pit. The size of the briquette is determined by how it will be used. The superior the briquettes are more frequently used in manufacturing environment and smaller versions are frequently used in fireplaces and outdoor food grilling purposes. Biomass and Charcoal varieties are the trendiest briquettes.

The preponderance of biomass briquettes are made from sawdust or parallel wood waste products. Our fabricating process normally involves compressing the sawdust and forcing it into a machine that heats it and extrudes briquettes shaped like small fireplace logs. Many homeowners actually use the biomass briquettes which are commercially created fireplace logs. The biomass briquette is mainly used as a substitute for coal or oil to heat manufacturing plant boilers. Biomass Briquette is commonly used as a substitute for coal or oil to heat manufacturing plant boilers. It is regularly chosen in excess of other fuel sources since its use does not discharge any destructive fossil fuels into the surroundings. An additional explanation to use biomass briquettes for boiler fuel is that they apparently are 30% to 40% cheaper to burn than oil or coal.

What is Briquetting?

Keeping in mind the assorted necessities of our outstanding clients, we put forward a wide-ranging assortment of Briquetting Plant. The plant where all types of agriculture ravage, forestry ravage and engineering ravage are converted into solid cylindrical shape logs using tremendously high unconscious pressure without the help of any chemical or binder is known as Briquetting. Our product can be directly used as non conventional fuel. Briquetting also evade the abuse of the agriculture waste and helps the farmers to get money out of their farming waste and get good income by fitting of Briquetting plant.

White coal is also known as Briquetting due to its economical features. As it is known that wood is a natural product, we should not use the wood to generate the heat but we can use the briquettes which are eco-friendly and renewable source of energy. In the rural areas the briquettes is used because electricity and gas are easily not available. Briquetting plant is a good conception to create a green atmosphere. Accessible plants are generally worn for making Briquettes and are contrived with elevated grade feature input and precede technology by our deft professionals.

It is the decrease of quantity of a solid yet loose material beneath exceptionally elevated pressures. Briquetting is done by means of compression, not by means of extrusion, and achieves higher densities than extrusion methods.

What can be Briquetted?

The biofuel surrogate to coal and charcoal is known as biomass briquettes. As we are in the fast increasing world, the briquettes are used to heat industrialized boilers in order to fabricate electricity from steam. The briquette are prepared from the green waste and other organic materials which are additionally used for electricity generation, heat and cooking fuel. Materials such as rice husk saw dust, biogases, groundnut shells, other agricultural waste or forest waste are used for fabricating compressed briquettes. The symphony of briquettes may vary according to the availability of raw material. As compared to fossil the briquetted manufacture low net total green house gas emissions because the materials used are formerly a part of the carbon cycle. Briquettes in round shape allows for a large facade areas, for creating the privileged burning rate. The calorific value of Briquettes is dissimilar as per the utilize of raw material used for making briquettes.

When the raw resources are condensed for briquetting, the temperatures rise adequately to make the resources release a variety of adhesives that will support in keeping the particles together in the compressed shape.

Briquettes are an eye-catching option to pellets. There is much compensation in favor of a briquetting plant when making the assessment with the investment in a pellet plant.

Why Briquettes

  • It is a renewable source of energy fuel
  • The briquettes are available cheaper than coal price
  • The ash content is (1 to 3%) which is lower than coal (20 to 25%)
  • When the briquettes are burned we can’t find any fly ash
  • The content of moisture (2 to 3%) in briquettes is low compared to coal (8 to 10%)
  • It is having high burning efficiency
  • The demand of the briquettes are higher in the market due to rise of fossil fuels price

Industry Analysis of Briquetting

  • As India is the sixth largest electricity generating country in the world and accounts for about 4% of global annual electricity generation.
  • India is also ranked as the sixth largest electricity consumer worldwide.
  • The growth trend in global energy consumption is expected to continue in the future.

Applications for Briquettes

  • Briquettes fuels are mainly worn in boiler plants, heating plants, power stations and thermal power stations, as well as by individual customers for household use.
  • It also used in the fireplaces and conventional boilers that once use a coals or woods with or without a little modification.

Various Industries where Biomass Briquettes can be used

Ceramic and refectory Industries Solvent Extraction Plant
Spinning Mill Lamination Industries
Chemical Units Leather industries
Dyeing Plants Milk plant
Others Ind. having thermal application Food processing Industries
Gasifier Sys. in thermal Vegetable plants
Textile Unit Brick making units

Briquettes are the forth approaching fuel of the world. An imminent use of Briquettes is in Bio-Gasifires for Thermal Applications and Electricity Generation. It’s an elevated excellence benefit towards economical, ecological, and advanced environmental company policy.

Products We Specialize In

Benefits of Using Briquetting

  • We maintain the quote A Tree Saved is More Than a Tree Grown.
  • It’s not necessary to spend more energy and money to grow more trees if we could avoid using them.
  • Moreover, all the natural disaster arising from deforestation can be checked.
  • Trees help us to save the environment from pollution, all conventional fuel which pollutes the atmosphere.
  • We should avoid using the conventional resources like coal which means that future generation will not be deprived of its utility.

Features of Briquetting

  • Reliable functioning
  • Hassle free operation
  • Sturdy construction
  • Excellent performance
  • Heavy structure with standard design
  • Acceptability up to 20 mm size of raw material
  • Easy Operating System
  • High-density of finished product with 90 mm diameter
  • Low production cost per meter due to state of the art technology
  • Low electric consumption due to direct feeding without Hammer Mill
  • No loss of production and Air pollution due to direct feeding system

Types of Briquettes

  • Charcoal Briquettes
  • Saw Dust Briquettes
  • Biomass Briquettes
  • Paper Briquettes
  • Peat Briquettes
  • Agro Waste Briquettes
  • Wood Briquettes
  • Kneaded Coal

Manufacturing Expertise

We have gained the proficiency in delivering an extensive variety of Briquettes. With the team of industrious professionals, we are indulged in the offering of briquettes to all commercial clients. Our offered products are easy to use; these products are of better-quality and gather the extreme needs of clients. Scrupulously tartan on a variety of quality parameters to make certain its reliability, our clients can benefit this briquette from us in diverse wrapping options as per their necessities. We present briquettes which are cheaper than coal and have no sulfur content, which do not spoil the surroundings. Our offered products have the potential to replace oil, coal or lignite because of superior thermal value and lower ash content.