“We are creative greenius to recycle the waste”

Having more than 19 years of experience into the business of Biomass!!!

Jay Khodiyar is the brand name in the market domestically and globally for manufacturing, supplying, and exporting the premium quality of Briquetting plant in Rajkot, Gujarat. Our organization is renowned and ongoing their business since 1994 from a small foundation. We are offering the best solution to the clients for efficient fuel requirements and also accumulate Biomass Briquettes with the tremendous accuracy at our Briquetting Plant. We are an ISO 9001-2008 and CE certified organization with many pleased clients locally and globally. We are able to offer premium quality of Biomass Briquetting machines to furnish the extensive necessities of the clients.


Fuel is prime need of each industry and contamination free environment is the prime worry of society. Consistently a huge amount of agricultural wastes and biomass is produced which either crushed or consumed wastefully in free frame are causing air pollution. These wastes can be reused and can give an inexhaustible wellspring of energy by changing over biomass waste into high density - fuel briquettes without expansion of any folio. This reused fuel is gainful for the earth as it conserves natural resources. What many individuals don't know is that reusing likewise averts a dangerous atmospheric devation which has a direct unfavorable effect on worldwide atmosphere.

Remembering the various necessities of our extraordinary customers, we set forward a colossal variety of Briquetting Plant. The plant where a wide range of agribusiness assault, ranger service attack and building desolate are converted into solid cylindrical shape logs utilizing immensely high oblivious weight without the assistance of any compound or fastener is known as Briquetting. Our products can be straightforwardly utilized as non customary fuel.

Briquetting likewise avoid the manhandle of the horticulture waste and causes the ranchers to get cash out of their cultivating waste and get great wage by fitting of Briquetting plant. It is the decrease of quantity of a solid yet loose material beneath exceptionally elevated pressures. Briquetting is done by means of compression, not by means of extrusion, and achieves higher densities than extrusion methods.

What is Briquetting Plant?

The conversion of the agricultural waste, forestry, industrial waste into solid blocks of bio-fuel with the help of eco-friendly technology is known as Briquetting plant. With the support of the briquetting machine having high mechanical pressure using binder less technology we are able to prepare cylindrical shaped briquettes. Our offered bio-briquettes are the substitute of non-renewable fossil fuels that are utilized in several manufacturing industries like kilns, furnaces and boilers.

Environmental bio-briquettes are pollution free and also contribute to greener atmosphere which set aside praiseworthy overseas trade. The main aim behind the bio-briquettes is Prosperity from Waste. The offered Briquetting Plant converts agricultural residues into solid bio-fuel.

Financial Benefits of Briquetting Plant :-

  • Total amount of machinery and plant can be depreciated during the first year.
  • Bio-briquettes are free from excise duty.
  • Briquettes are exempted from Sales Tax in many states of country.
  • As energy being primary sector, considerable project benefits of Priority sector and SSI are available.
  • It is the first priority Gov. project and also offers more incentives to the entrepreneurs.
  • Hence it is strongly suggested to install the plant in your region.
  • Income tax is free for first five years

Benefits for utilizing the Briquetting Plant :-

  • Briquetting plant produces sustainable power source. Thus it ensures wellspring of non-ordinary energy
  • Environment friendly, simple openness and inexhaustible source of energy
  • Contrasted with non-renewable energy sources, bio-briquettes are more affordable
  • Agro-ranger service waste, for example, Custer shell, ground-nutshell, saw clean, wheat husk and bamboo tidy can be transformed out into squares of strong briquettes
  • Higher benefit as it can work always and still acquires ease
  • Pollution free condition as it is free from sulfur
  • Higher evaporator proficiency because of low dampness and high density
  • Decreases transportation cost
  • Very easy to pack and store, hygienic to manage

Briquetting Plant Project:-

This Project is called “Biomass Briquetting Plant” and is basically a procedure of changing over Agro waste and Forestry squander into biomass Briquettes/Bio-coal. The Biomass Briquetting is the best inexhaustible wellspring of vitality for solid condition and economy. It’s a total Eco-accommodating environmentally friendly power energy extend.

We as a whole are very much aware with the significance of Energy and its sources. Energy is the key factor in the financial advancement of each nation. The request of energy is expanding step by step and the provisions of sources are restricted. It is all around red alarm for non-renewable energy source like Petrol, Kerosene, Natural Gas, LPG, and Lignite and so on. This has made a tremendous gap between the request and supply of energy. Sustainable power energy is a definitive arrangement, which can fill this hole. The greater part of cutting edge nations has embraced this idea, acknowledged this venture and have held their characteristic assets to get the arrangement of energy and fuels.


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