Our Briquetting Project consist of Biomass Briquette Raw Materials, Briquette Production Process, Biomass Briquette Making Process and Subsidy for Biomass Briquette Plant

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Biomass Briquette Raw Materials

Biomass Briquetting plant in india

Every year tons of agricultural waste is generated either they are used inefficiently in their loose form causing air pollution. These waste raw materials are used to convert it in the best form. All the raw materials are compressed together to make Biomass Briquettes also known as White Coal.

Briquette Production Process

Briquette Production Process

Biomass Briquettes are manufactured through the densification of agro waste and bio-mass waste. When agro-waste is briquetted, it produces minimum cost, high calorific value fuel which can form a good substitute for wood and coal. This entangles conversion of waste into a useful and future renewable source of energy. Briquettes finds application in Ceramic, Chemical, milk plants, rubber industries etc.

Biomass Briquette Making Process

Customized Briquette Making Machine

Biomass Briquette is a simple process of conversion of agro forestry waste into bio-coal. The biomass Briquetting is the best renewable energy project to embrace “Green Revolution”. It’s a perfectly Eco friendly Green Energy Project. This Biomass Briquetting Making Process is accepted worldwide as no binder is required in the process.

The Briquetting Plant Project is the best Future Saving Energy Project for agricultural based countries as there is vast availability of Biomass waste. By using Briquette machine, Biomass Briquetting Plant Global Environment can be prevented.

How To Get Biomass Briquette Plant Subsidy

Briquetting Plant manufacturer

Briquetting Plant is of great used for renewable energy in future. As Renewable Energy is a new hope for future energy saving briquetting plant, Biomass Briquetting Plant is more preferable in domestic and overseas market. Subsidy for biomass briquetting plant project is the unique feature.

The purpose of the subsidy made by the government is to provide benefit forming a group of big biomass briquette factories, as the biomass material resources in some areas are scattered in location. To get more profit, it is necessary for most of the companies to remain in small scales so that the subsidy policy can be adjusted in the next few years. State Subsidy for Biomass Briquetting Plant depends upon government taxes.

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